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If you’re looking for upcycling and creativity, you’ve come to the right place!

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We’re based in Edinburgh and we run fun and creative upcycling classes, workshops and demos for the public and organisations across Scotland.

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) / Not For Profit company which means that we put people and planet above profits.  Any profits that we make are used to help us do more good in the world. We are here to help not fill our bank accounts!

Our creative reuse experiences are fun and rewarding, giving people the skills, knowledge and confidence to be creative and reuse.

Globally, we face big challenges when it comes to waste and over-consumption. We waste too much and our resource use has outpaced the sustainable capacity of our ecosystem. It’s time we started changing how we do things.  Waste is a resource and you can learn how to reuse it in imaginative ways.

We inspire, educate and empower our workshop participants to creatively upcycle unwanted items and materials.  It’s fun, helps conserve our resources and reduces their carbon footprint through reuse.

We’ve discovered that upcycling is also a great way to connect people, increase their confidence and give them a time out; time to relax and get into flow as they create their upcycled masterpieces!

Upcycled World also makes creative reuse video tutorials and we share these on our website along with other people’s upcycling video tutorials.  The result is a ‘how to upcycle’ video library and visitors have been popping in from across the globe to view the tutorials!

We’ll be blogging and featuring upcyclers too, finding out a bit more about them and showcasing their work –  contact us if you are interested in being featured.

Come and join us at a workshop or take a little time to have a good browse about our site, we hope that you leave here inspired to upcycle and reuse.

You’ll find the details of our latest workshops and events here and you can contact us via email here.

Happy Upcycling ♥ 

Meet The Team!

Hi, I’m an upcycler, a creative and a force for good 🙂  I revamp and reuse old furniture, clothes, paper, pallets, lightbulbs, jewellery and pretty much anything else I can think of a use for.

The beauty, creativity and uniqueness that I see time and time again, in items refashioned from waste, inspires me and gives me hope for our future.

I’m passionate about running workshops and courses and inspiring others to reuse and upcycle.  I love seeing everyone get engrossed in their projects… seeing people relax, laugh, chat, be creative and have fun. Watching them admire each others handywork.  I also LOVE when people recognise that waste materials are a resource and start thinking about what else they can reuse and upcycle…

If you’re in the Edinburgh area take a look at our Event Pages, it would be great to see you at one of our workshops!

p.s. Please say hello if you’ve got time, we love hearing from you 🙂

12th November 2015
Rose Hall Hamish Mash

Rose Hall, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m an artist, designer, environmentalist and an enthusiastic workshop facilitator.

Upcycling has been part if my life since I left home, a very long time ago! Mostly out of necessity; trying to coordinate miss-matched gifted furniture or having to imaginatively coming up with 35 Christmas gifts!  I trained in Victorian & contemporary paint techniques and worked as a decorative artist for 10 years.

My love of fashion and textiles led me to form the sustainable label, Hamish Mash Eco Fashion six years ago.  My passion for the environment brought me to Upcycled World where sharing skills that empower others to use waste creatively brings me great joy.

27th November 2015
Oscar Barber Upcycled World

Oscar R Barber, Videographer

Hi, I was born in Madrid and I live in Edinburgh, where I graduated from the University of Edinburgh (ECA) in Film & TV

Recycling and reuse, is a moral duty we all have with our environment. In Upcycled World we show that you can make an artistic and creative way. That’s why I greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Caroline in this project, to improve the sustainability of our planet.

As a videographer, apart from enjoying working in the corporate world, I like to tell stories.  Documentaries, that make you think, make you question about the kind of world in which we live to grow as an individual.

I also love to participate in the projects of others, build abstract ideas, dreams…  Do you have a project going around in your head? Maybe I can help you.  You can contact me here – oscarpuntoes@gmail.com

12th April 2015

“I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land; but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that will come after us.”

Theodore Roosevelt