Caroline Malcolm


I live in the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland and I love to upcycle.  I’ve been upcycling things for many years, mainly things in my home but also for a local charity that I volunteer with.

I created Upcycled World to help me and others learn more about upcycling!

Upcycling is a great way to encourage people to start looking at waste materials and unwanted items in a completely different way.  It enables us to reuse our existing resources and reduce our reliance on items made from virgin materials.

I’m hoping that this library of upcycling video tutorials will both, inspire and help you upcycle.

I’m very excited to meet with my fellow upcyclers, tell their stories and share their creations.  I’ll be doing some upcycling of my own and recording some of these as tutorials for you to watch.  I’m also learning about web development and video editing as I go so please bear with me – it will get better! 🙂

If there’s something that you would like to see featured then please get in contact and I’ll do my very best to accommodate.

If you want to follow my journey and keep up to date with the progress, sign up for our newsletter to hear the latest news and keep an eye on my blog.  You’ll see the last 4 entries below.


P.S.  I also want to say a huge thank you to my friends and family for all their support and encouragement! ♥