DIY Jeans – 3 Refashion Ideas

NG OS demonstrates some DIY jeans refashion ideas in this video – a galaxy paint job, some lace appliqué and a bleached tribal design.  There are some really nice ideas here.

I definitely recommend using a fabric paint and not acrylic paint for the galaxy painting revamp, as an acrylic paint will wash out and you’ll lose all your hard work!

DIY Jeans Collage

The materials and equipment that you’ll need to refashion your jeans are shown below.

  • Jeans
  • Fabric paint – purple, blue, black and white
  • Lace
  • Thread
  • Bleach
  • Small sponge
  • Pencil / tooth pick
  • Scissors
  • Pin
  • Needle
  • Fabric / sharpie pen
  • Gloves
  • Ruler
Did You Know?

Globalization has made it possible to produce clothing at increasingly lower prices, prices so low that many consumers consider this clothing to be disposable. Some call it “fast fashion,” the clothing equivalent of fast food.

Yet fast fashion leaves a pollution footprint, with each step of the clothing life cycle generating potential environmental and occupational hazards. For example, polyester, the most widely used manufactured fibre, is made from petroleum.

The manufacture of polyester and other synthetic fabrics is an energy-intensive process requiring large amounts of crude oil and releasing emissions including volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, and acid gases such as hydrogen chloride, all of which can cause or aggravate respiratory disease. Volatile monomers, solvents, and other by-products of polyester production are emitted in the wastewater from polyester manufacturing plants.

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