Eggshell Ombre Recycled Jewellery

Shannon Sullivan shows us how to make eggshell ombre recycled jewellery in this video.  She demonstrates with a bangle and you can also use this technique on pendants and earrings too.

recycled jewellery collage

The materials and equipment that you’ll need to make your eggshell ombre recycled jewellery are shown below.

  • Old jewellery
  • Eggshells – white (or use brown eggs but place them face down so that the inside is face up)
  • Watercolour / alcohol paint or food colouring
  • Tacky glue
  • PVA glue or Mod Podge or clear nail varnish
  • Paper towel
  • Paint brush
  • Nail file
Did You Know?

New WRAP research reveals a substantial reduction in the amount of household food and drink waste arising between 2007 and 2012. However, the research also highlights the scale of the opportunity remaining.

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