How To Upcycle A Cork Into A Bracelet

Caroline Dunn shows us how to upcycle a cork into a bracelet in this quick video tutorial.  If you are not a wine drinker you could always pop into a local bar or restaurant and ask them if they would be kind enough to set aside a few for you to upcycle!

Try steaming or boiling the corks for a minute or two prior to cutting them, this will soften them up, also try to cut in one smooth motion instead of sawing at them as this will give you a smoother finish.

If you want to take this tutorial a step further, you could also paint the corks, stamp them or add more embellishments to them. The equipment and materials that you will need to upcycle your cork are listed below.

  • An old cork
  • 26 gauge jewellery wire (Caroline used 24″ on her bracelet)
  • Small beads / seed beads
  • A clasp
  • Cutting mat / board
  • Knife /craft knife
  • Drill
  • Small drill bit 1/16″
  • Wire cutters

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