How To Upcycle A Record Into A Wrist Cuff

Kim Munro, from The Twisted Crafts, shows us how to upcycle a record into a wrist cuff.  She has has a couple of bonus items in her step by step video tutorial.  The materials and equipment that you need for this tutorial are listed below.

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  • A LP record – Kim recommends a record from the 1970’s onwards as older records are thicker and tend to be more difficult to cut and manipulate
  • Some felt – not for the wrist cuff, for another item…
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • A glass jar – the circumference of the jar should be slightly bigger than your wrist
  • An old oven tray – we recommend that you use / have a tray dedicated purely for crafting purposes not one that you use for cooking food
  • A large pair of sharp scissors
  • A ring gauge or something that this the same size as your finger – again this is not for the wrist cuff, it’s for another item…
  • An oven pre-heated to 200º

Have you tried this tutorial?  How did it turn out? What other ideas do you have for upcycled record jewellery?

Leave your comments below.

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