How To Upcycle Old T-Shirts Into A Rug

Pam from Craftster demonstrates how to upcycle old t-shirts into a rug in this video.  This is a great upcycling idea for reusing old t-shirts and another handy use for a hula hoop!  I love that Pam also suggests other ideas for re-using the remains of the t-shirt ♥

This would be a great activity to do with the kids!

When weaving remember to  thread through both the top and bottom strips of t-shirt as one piece and don’t weave it too tightly.  If you use smaller t-shirts or pull the t-shirts to tightly it will make the edges curl up when you cut the strips from the hoops.  If this does happen you could end up making a really cool t-shirt basket instead of a rug…

Note: the ‘loopy thing’ is known as the ‘larks head knot‘.

The materials and equipment that you will need to make your upcycled rug are shown below.

  • Old t-shirts (large sized)
  • Hula hoop (Pam used a 33″ hoop)
  • Sharp scissors

Let us know how you get on with your upcycled rug project in the comments below.

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