Kids Upcycling An Old Chair

Bobbie Calhoun filmed her kids upcycling an old chair in this quick video.  Bobbie gave the 2 sisters, aged 10 and 11, the freedom to paint the chair in whatever style and colour that they wanted.  I love the vivid blue and the brightly coloured paint splats!

It’s not a traditional ‘how to’ video and the filming is a bit shaky (especially the first 20 seconds) but it’s a great activity idea for the kids and they ended up with such a fabulously coloured chair that I had to share it!


If you use acrylic paint for this then you might want to give the chair a coat of clear varnish or a rub down with some clear wax afterwards to help protect the colours.

The materials and equipment that you’ll need for this upcycling project are shown below.

  • Old chair
  • Paint (it looks like acrylic paint was used for this chair)
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint pallet / containers
  • Old clothing for the kids
  • Protective covering for any surface that you don’t want paint to land on!
Did you know?

10 million items of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year. 3 million of these items could be easily re-used; more could be repaired.

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