The Upcycled Adventure

The Upcycled Adventure… Day 2 & 3

Day 3 – Planning The Upcycled Adventure
Monday 28th July 2014

Hi everyone,  hope you had a great weekend!  Well, the sunshine didn’t last the entire day on Saturday but did last long enough to enjoy some sightseeing and a lovely picnic.

I celebrated a few small successes behind the scenes of Upcycled World yesterday and also spent some time learning about how to present in front of the camera and finding out about lighting and sound requirements too.  I will, in the very near future, be attempting my own upcycling video tutorials.

Today was spent researching the tutorials to share with you this week.  The unfortunate thing is that I always want to try making all of the upcycling projects – just wish I had the time and the space for it all.

I created a spreadsheet so that I can track the progress of Upcycled World and was surprised to learn that we’re almost hitting the 500 mark for followers and likes across the combined social media platforms.  It’s a great start!

I also did some planning for the week ahead, I want to set a loose routine for my working week.  We’ll see how well that works out… It can be a challenge to stay focussed on the objective (and my timings) once I start browsing the web and finding out more about upcycling.

I’ll be working on the first featured upcycler article tomorrow and I’m excited to get started with that one and share it with you. I’ll also be doing a more in depth blog and telling you about some of my previous upcycling endeavours.

Until then, happy upcycling!

Caroline ♥

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