Sanding Block

£ 2.00

Durable and long lasting sanding block for use in smoothing down rough surfaces or to distressing painted pieces. 

Just rinse the sanding block with water after use and then reuse!

See below for more details.

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  • Use to smooth down rough surfaces or to distress painted pieces.
  • Sanding blocks are long lasting and durable, just rinse with water and reuse!
  • Before distressing your piece, make sure you’ve waxed it first, as this minimises the amount of dust created.
  • Rub lightly over the places that you would typically expect to see wear and tear e.g. edges, corners and the legs.
  • Start off lightly as you don’t want to end up taking off too much.
  • Once you’re happy with the distressing, apply another coat of wax to the distressed areas and buff well.

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