How to Upcycle a Gift Card into Book Marker

Summer Scott, from Craft Happy, has put together a very useful tutorial that clearly shows you how to upcycle a gift card into a decorative book mark.

Decorating the cards would be a fun How-to-upcycle-a-gift-cardcraft activity that you could do with the kids.  You could also follow this tutorial and upcycle a gift card into other items such as a key-ring, name badge or a fridge magnet!

Adult intervention / supervision will be required for some of the steps as, it does require use of adhesive scissors/craft blade and a dremel or drill.  You can use a hole punch to make the holes if you do not have or don’t want to use a drill, the card punches easily enough on it’s own.  You may need to punch the paper and card separately depending on how thick your decorative paper is.

As Summer herself says, be careful.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the tutorial or comment if you have any ideas or suggestions on what else we could make from those little plastic cards that I’m sure many of us have been hoarding!

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