The Upcycled Adventure

The Upcycled Adventure… Week 4 – 5

The Crafty Upcycler –  Monday, 25th August 2014

Well that’s week 4 completed and I’m into week 5, how time flies!

Last week was a really productive weekhow-to-upcycle-light-bulbs-into-hot-air-balloons, involving lots of newly learned skills especially around video editing…  In case you missed it, I filmed my first upcycling tutorial showing how to make little hot air balloons from light bulbs – click on the image to view it.

I’m pleased with the little stands, they look so cute 🙂 and they’ll be featured in the next video.

I must admit that being able to film the tutorials such a way that it gets the point across clearly but doesn’t ramble on is a definite skill (that I haven’t yet mastered).  I’ll be aiming for 3 – 5 minutes maximum running time with the next one!  I’m sure I’ll improve on all aspects with practice. *fingers crossed*

Under Construction

You may have noticed some changes to the look and feel of the website recently.  I’m redeveloping the site to incorporate some new functionality, please bear with me whilst I work through the changes.


I’ve been learning a lot about upcyclers over the last few weeks and I’m slowly starting to identify different types of upcyclers…. I’ve been naming them too!  There are the Fashion REdesigners, the DIY Builders, the Urban Chic, the Furniture Artists, the Thrifty Homemakers and the Crafty Upcyclers to name but a few.  This week I’ve definitely been leaning towards being a ‘Crafty Upcycler’!

I’m intrigued by the different sub cultures within upcycling and I intend to do more research into this… in fact…. I’m going to create a poll to see if I can find out more.

upcycled-snail-excrement-tilesI’m not sure which category I’d put the lady that upcycles snail poop – Lieske Schreuder.

Leiske discovered that snails poop in different colours when they eat coloured paper and she is currently researching whether snail excrement linoleum floor tiles (pictured) are a viable option.

Head For Heights?

The high point of last week (literally) was a trip up one of the towers of the Forth Road Bridge, early on Saturday morning.  We were lucky that it was dry and not windy, I do wish that the sun had managed to make an appearance too!


This year, 2014 visitors get to ascend up the towers to celebrate 50 years of the bridge.  There is a whole festival of events planned from the 6th – 24th of September so if you live near the bridges then why not check out the Forth Bridges Festival.

This week I’ll be learning more about the different social media platforms as well as continuing with the site development.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week ♥

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