Upcycled Tyre Exercises

Scott from Metal Rhino demonstrates a few upcycled tyre exercises 🙂  Just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy gym equipment to keep in shape!

Please ensure that you warm up before exercising and remember to bend at the knees when moving the tyre.  If in you are in any doubt, as to how any of the exercises should be completed, please contact a professional trainer.


The materials and equipment that you’ll need to start doing your upcycled tyre exercises are shown below.

  • Cleaning materials to clean the tyre
  • Plenty of space to move around
  • Old tyre
  • Your exercising clothing
Did You Know?

The UK produces around 55 million waste tyres a year.

There are a number of ways to reuse waste tyres. They can provide fuel for cement kilns or be turned into products like flooring, road surfaces, furniture and shoes. Bales of tyres can be used in the construction of modern engineered landfill sites and flood defences. If waste tyres are in good condition, they can be re-moulded and put back on the road as ‘re-treads’.

courtesy of: www.gov.uk

Contact us if you have any upcycling tutorials that you would like us to share.

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