Upcycled Valentines Gift DIY – Button Art

Astar’s Place demonstrates a lovely upcycled Valentines gift DIY – romantic button art!  This is a simple but eye catching upcycling project.

If you need more buttons to complete your Valentines gift DIY, try asking your friends or family whether they have any that you can use or visit your local charity shop.

valentines gift diy Collage

The materials and equipment that you’ll need to make your upcycled valentines wall art are shown below.

  • Small canvas
  • Black paint
  • Black and red buttons
  • White craft glue
  • Paint brush
  • White pencil
  • Long wooden skewer with small piece of beeswax at the end
Did You Know?

UK Government statistics show that there are 2.4 billion pieces of clothing unworn for an entire 12 months (many possibly brand new) cluttering up the national wardrobe, which adds up to a whopping £10 billion worth of unused clothes, shoes, bags etc.

courtesy of: clothesaid.co.uk

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