Upcycling Community Spirit

The Upcycled Adventure – Week 6 – 7

14th September 2014

I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog over the last couple of weeks and it’s about time for an update.  The website has been keeping me busy along with many other things so I’m a bit spoilt for choice on what to write about.  I think I’ll start with…

People Are Amazing!

Over the last few weeks, I have been busy meeting lots of amazing and inspiring people.  Many of whom have set up or are involved in social enterprises.  It’s really great to know that there are so many people out there that really care about the issues affecting our society and are actively doing something to change the situation.

I’ve also been really impressed by the level of support that’s out there for start ups and social enterprises.  To everyone involved – THANK YOU for doing what you do.  It really does make a difference.

Upcycling Supplies

I’ve been checking out various places to see what’s out there for upcycling 🙂  It’s a great creative process, looking at a random item and trying to work out what else it can be used for or turned into.


I now have a LONG list of upcycling ideas and projects to complete and I plan to record them as tutorials too.  It’s not something I ever thought I would do as I’m notoriously camera shy but I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it!

I’m looking forward to recording the next one this week.

Cultural Festivities

My friend Jules and I were at the Mela in Edinburgh recently, it was celebrating it’s 20th year this year.  It’s a fabulous cultural festival celebrating music and dance and they always have such a tasty variety of food!

They are actively looking to ‘green’ the festival and they banned all non-compostable packaging from the Food Village. The entertainment was great and I loved their upcycled emblem – a peacock (pictured above).

It’s the national bird of India and was created out of junk (that would have otherwise been thrown away), by a number of diverse community groups across Edinburgh.  It symbolises the communities coming together – I love the upcycling community spirit!

My pictures really don’t do it justice.  You can find out more about the Mela here – Edinburgh Mela

Birthday Festivities

Last night I was at the Forth Road Bridge birthday party – it turned 50 this year.  Must admit I never thought I’d attend a birthday party for a bridge!?  But hey, I really enjoyed being part of the torchlight procession and the fireworks were spectacular!


Thanks to Dawn, Kev, Jo, Yvonne and Derek for a great night!

Featured Upcycler

I’m pleased to say that I’m finally in a position to get started with the featured upcycler section – the first one will be posted up this coming week, yay!  This lady has been upcycling for 15 years and I’m excited to tell you more about her…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the week to come.

Caroline ♥

P.S.  I’m now addicted to Absolute 80’s… one of the perils of working from home!

It’s rather unfortunate that I have my desk situated right next to my living room window (in plain view of all my neighbours) as I can’t help but have a wee dance in my chair when a good tune comes on… perhaps I’ll unwittingly end up featuring in another video soon 😉


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